Updated Return to Play (8/6/20) - Return to PHASE 3

Club Administrator Newsletter

August 6, 2020

Good morning,
We are disappointed to share some news that we learned yesterday afternoon.  The Kentucky General Counsel of the Kentucky Department of Labor contacted Kentucky Youth Soccer regarding the Return to Play guidelines recently released by the state office.  During our meeting, they advised us that our current phase, Phase 4, of Return to Play allowing for contact during practices is in violation of the Governor’s youth sports guidance issued earlier this summer. While we disagree with this decision, at this time, we have been ordered by the Kentucky Department of Labor to revert back to Phase 3 of the Kentucky Youth Soccer Return to Play Guidelines.
We will be resubmitting our plan to the Governor’s Office this week, along with many other documents. To be clear, Kentucky Youth Soccer submitted our plan through the appropriate channels in July and were notified that as long as we were following the guidelines, our plan did not need approval. Our interpretation of the guidelines does not match that of the Governor’s office
We have no indicated time table of when we may be able to return to Phase 4, and are very disappointed by this step back. However, we have been given assurances that the Commonwealth of Kentucky will work with us to get a new plan approved by the Governor’s office and get us back to Phase 4 and beyond as soon as possible. 
Kris Zander
Executive Director
Kentucky Youth Soccer